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Your Precious Metals "Checking Account"

It is smart to diversify your precious metals into two categories. The first category is your "checking account," which is bullion that hasn't been certified to have any unique numismatic value. This part of your portfolio can be accessed more quickly than your savings account items by selling it for a value linked to the current spot price. The value of this portion of your portfolio will rise and fall with the current market price of the metal, and offers you diversification from your Dollar-based investments.

Your precious metals "checking account" works like an insurance policy. Should the stock market or the Dollar face a crash, the value of your precious metals will increase to help compensate you for your losses in your Dollar-based investments. Because gold and silver have been accepted as having value for thousands of years, this is an "insurance policy" that you can cash out of at any time.

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Your Precious Metals "Savings Account"

Your precious metals "savings account" consists of investment-grade rare coins that have been certified to have numismatic value above and beyond their metal melt value. Because they have value as rare coins, they are not affected by changes in the spot price of gold and silver to the extent that bullion (your precious metals "checking account") is. This offers you further diversification both from the ups and downs of the traditional markets and from the ups and downs of the precious metals markets.

While investment-grade coins are more stable than bullion, they can take longer to liquidate. As a result, they should be considered part of a long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

Contact us now so that we can advise you on which coins are most likely to increase in numismatic value. Don't be taken advantage of by unscrupulous coin dealers. Go with a dealer you can trust -- one with an A+ BBB rating. Call now 800-257-3253.

GOLD:   1280.23  -2.06 

   SILVER:   15.27  -0.08

   PLATINUM:   798.34  -1.68

   PALLADIUM:   1360.45  -21.78

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Not All Gold is Created Equal


There are many different ways you can invest in gold, and they can each have drastically different effects on your portfolio. One important thing to consider is the importance of taking physical ownership.

It may seem convenient to invest in a gold stock or bullion investment fund so that you don't have to worry about gold storage. However, there is a very real danger that the gold you are investing in does not actually exist. It is common for companies to lease out gold supplies because they assume that not all of their investors will want to withdraw their gold at the same time.

There is even concern that the gold the U.S. government has been holding for other countries no longer exists. Germany recently became worried enough that it asked for 300 tons of gold to be returned from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This gold represents a small fraction of the total gold supposedly being held at this location, yet the U.S. responded that it would take seven years to return this gold to Germany.

Another concern is that there is not enough gold to cover even 5% of the gold options being traded on the COMEX. The intention of these contracts is typically to bet on whether the price of gold is going to go up or down. While the buyer of the contract has the option of buying the gold at the stated price upon termination of the contract, this is rarely done. The buyer rarely takes ownership. However, if any significant number of people decided to actually exercise their option to buy then the majority of contracts would be in default.

For all these reasons, when investing in gold, it is wise to take physical possession. To diversify your portfolio, there are two separate ways you can invest in gold and still take physical possession:


Gold bullion serves as an excellent inflation hedge because it holds its value over time. While buyers of paper gold focus on the day-to-day price swings, owners of physical gold understand that gold consistently is worth more dollars over time as the value of the dollar declines. One advantage of bullion is that it can always quickly be converted back to dollars in an emergency.


Investment-grade coins are a way to diversify both from the dollar and from gold bullion. The value of an investment-grade coin is largely independent from the gold price. An ounce of gold bullion has no advantage over the millions of other ounces of gold in the world. However, coins with history and rarity can have a significantly higher value during times of high demand. There have been many times in history where investment-grade coins have outperformed bullion, making investment-grade coins an important part of a diversified portfolio.

When buying investment-grade coins it is important to choose your dealer well. Many coin dealers will charge high premiums for these coins. Also, many dealers are not knowledgeable on the conditions that make a coin likely to appreciate in value.

RPMEX is a dealer with experience that you can trust. We have gained many loyal customers that had previously had bad experiences with other companies. Our complaint-free "A" rating with the BBB speaks for itself. Give us a call to find out more about your different options when buying gold.

Difficult economic times are coming. What are you doing today to protect your portfolio for tomorrow? Contact RPMEX today to talk to a trader about protecting your wealth.