$20 Liberty Head (Coronet) Double Eagle (1849-1907)

Regular issue Liberty Head (Coronet) double eagles were minted in one major type and three minor varieties as follows:

Liberty Head (Coronet) 1849–1907
Liberty Head, no motto, value “TWENTY D.” 1849–1866 (Type I)
Liberty Head, with motto, value “TWENTY D.” 1866–1876 (Type II)
Liberty Head, with motto, value “TWENTY DOLLARS” 1877–1907 (Type III)

The largest denomination of all regular United States issues was authorized to be coined by the Act of March 3, 1849. It’s weight was 516 grains, .900 fine. The 1849 double eagle is a unique pattern and reposes in the Smithsonian. The 1861 reverse design by Anthony C. Paquet was withdrawn soon after being struck. Very few pieces are known.

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