The governments of the world are committed to devaluing the world’s currencies. Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan said in October 2014, “The Fed’s balance sheet is a pile of tinder, but it hasn’t been lit … inflation will eventually have to rise.” Greenspan also said in February 2015 that U.S. stocks are “without a doubt extremely overvalued.” In 2013 the Government Accounting Office said the U.S. “is on an unsustainable fiscal path.” In 2010 former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke said U.S. debt levels were “unsustainable,” and our national debt has increased dramatically since then. Portfolio diversification is important now more than ever, and precious metals have been a time-tested way to store wealth for thousands of years.

Under these conditions it makes sense to diversify a portion of your portfolio into precious metals. Precious metals have become a popular alternative for assets held in IRA, 401(k), 403(b), and Pension Plans. Transferring funds into a precious metals IRA is a government approved, tax-free and penalty-free transfer. Call our offices today to make the transfer and insure your portfolio.

Investing in gold should not be done for the purpose of seeing returns so much as to protect your overall portfolio. While “traditional” investments can be left to make their traditional gains, investing 15-30% of your IRA in precious metals serves to help insure your portfolio against a drop in the value of the dollar.

As the joke goes, when the economist was asked how he was doing he responded, “compared to what?” When considering how our investments are performing it is important to look at the entire picture. The number of dollars in your account may be rising, but their overall purchasing power may be decreasing. Are your investments keeping up with the rising costs of commodity prices such as medical, food, and education costs?

How to get started?

Client Steps:

1. Establish a new Precious Metals Self Directed IRA Custodian
2. Fund your IRA or transfer assets (rollover) from an existing IRA or 401K
3. Call the RPMEX and place your precious metals order. Toll free: (800) 257-3253
4. Receive order invoice from the RPMEX
5. Sign your invoice and fax it to Custodian

Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. and RPMEX Steps:

6. Custodian pays the RPMEX and sends shipping instructions
7. The RPMEX then ships your precious metals to the insured depository
8. The depository then verifies and stores client’s precious metals

Documents From Our Custodian

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