(Ag) Silver Fundamentals

  • Annual silver consumption is – 1.0B ounces
  • 80% sourced from mining, 20% sourced from recycling and hedging.
  • Over past 10 years, the silver industry has been in a 500M ounce physical deficit.
  • Silver is one of the world’s most reflective and best conductors of electricity.
  • 55% of silver consumption is from industrial applications – electronics, medicine, solar, water purification, window manufacturing, etc.
  • Demand by sector: 55% industrial fabrication, 20% jewelry, 20% coins and bars, 5% silverware.
  • Scrap recycling is at a 25 year low.
  • Current silver to gold mine supply ratio: 8:1
  • As we go green, We require more silver i.e.(Battery Packs, Battery Management System (BMS), High Voltage Electric Cable, Transmission + Electric Engine, Power Electronics, Solar Roof, etc)