Precious Metal Fundamentals

Precious Metal Fundamentals

It’s no secret that America’s net worth has plummeted with the diminishing value of paper assets and performance based stocks. And we  are almost certain to see more mass inflation in the not so distant future.  Wealth preservation now more than ever before is paramount so the question is… Have you adequately insured your portfolio with assets  that are immune to the fiat currencies of the world?

History – Precious metals have been mankind’s obsession since the dawn of civilization. Silver was coined by the Romans as early as 359 B.C.,  Gold was used as money in China over 3,000 years ago and America’s  first gold coins were produced by the three-year-old United States Mint in 1795.

Today, gold coins are seldom found in circulation. Instead, they’re often found in investment portfolios. Regardless of your choice of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, precious metals increase your portfolio’s diversity and bring balance, because their value often moves independently of stocks and bonds.

FURTHER DIVERSIFICATION – Diversification within your precious metals holdings is not just related to choosing the metal type it also is directly related to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

BULLION – Physical possession of bullion is the classic hedge against the ever  in doubt fiat currency known as the U.S. Dollar. Our relationships with world mints and first tier metal suppliers allows us to provide close spreads and timely delivery of hundreds of bullion products including bars, ingots, coins or grains. We manage a two way market allowing for timely liquidity when needed keeping your satisfaction and confidence as our primary goal.

RARE COINS – Our role in an extensive dealer network allow us to make markets in  both pre-1933 and modern era rare coins. As a full service dealer we facilitate estate liquidations, collection appraisals, financial portfolio requests and dealer to dealer trading. Our experience along with the understanding the needs of the numismatic collector assure our clients the ultimate buy and hold positions in gold, silver or platinum coin rarities.

FUNGIBLE – A Fungible Metals Account refers to a precious metal account in which the client has _title_ to a position in defined ounces of the precious metal of choice. Since you’re not specifying a particular item at acquisition, Fungible Metal allows entrance and exit of the market at the lowest possible spreads with the defined interest in metals held at depository.

Fungible Metal Accounts are perfect for those who want to invest in precious metals and benefit from short term potential gains, without having to pay additional charges such as storage, shipping or insurance. You have the flexibility of adding to your holdings, taking physical delivery, or selling your account holdings after a minimum hold period of 90 days. If you chose to take physical delivery at any time the applicable premiums for the items selected will apply.

Regardless if you’re acquiring bullion as a hedge against inflation, securing your long term buy and hold positions with the acquisition of rare coins or opening a Self Directed Precious Metals IRA. Our traders are standing by with the knowledge and expertise that you can rely on.