Silver (AG) Bullion basics…

Silver (AG) Bullion basics…

Never has there been a more important time in modern history to acquire silver bullion as a hedge against a precarious economic and monetary system. Acquiring physical silver bullion coins, rounds, and or bars is private, simple and secure. Our commitment to customer education is foremost and bind that together with personalized customer service, we strive to make the process a pleasant experience.

What physical silver (AG) bullion products are available? Under normal market conditions, we offer around 200 different silver bullion products in a variety of types and sizes. Most important is their distinction into two basic categories… Sovereign a.k.a. Government Minted vs. Privately Minted.

Our most popular silver bullion items include both and each have their advantages depending on your perspective and the nature of your acquisition.

Sovereign (Government Minted) Silver (AG) Bullion

The most notable sovereign mints are i.e.(United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Great Britain, Mexico, South Africa). Most of their focus is minting coins however some mint bars as well.

Legal Tender

Sovereign silver bullion coinage by definition is legal tender however the issuing sovereign entity may not legally define it as money. Sovereign silver coinage have a denomination (face value) struck with the issuing sovereign entities currency. For example the one ounce American Silver Eagle has a face value of $1.00 however it’s true value is based on it’s one ounce silver content along with it’s premium (value above melt value).

Sovereign silver coinage is the most liquid form of silver bullion as it is more widely familiar to buyers than privately minted items. For some who acquire silver coins there is a belief that this makes them more useful as a medium of exchange in an emergency scenario for bartering.

For those who find confidence with a “government guarantee”, be prepared pay for that peace of mind. With the layers of bureaucracy normally associated with sovereign governments, premiums (amount above melt value) run higher than their privately minted counterparts.

Privately Minted Silver (AG) Bullion

Privately minted silver bullion is offered in rounds, bars and ingots which range in size from grams to 1,000 ounce bars. Since layers sovereign bureaucracy are eliminated, privately minted silver bullion carry lower premiums (amount above melt value) which provides you with more silver content for your monetary exchange.

Silver (AG) Rounds

Silver rounds, unlike coins, are unmonetized round blanks of silver struck with a wide variety of designs. They are typically standardized by weights ranging from 1/10 to 5 ounce sizes with the one ounce size being the most popular. Most often silver rounds are struck with identification of fineness measuring .999 pure silver.

Silver (AG) Bars & Ingots

Silver bars and ingots are generally the lowest premium (price above melt) method to accumulate silver bullion. Like with other products there are name and generic brands. Name brands are generally more recognizable and thus bring a higher premium than generic and are typically standardized by weight and fineness.

Size Matters

We offer silver bullion minted in sizes ranging from a few grams to thousands of ounces, however the most common size is one ounce. The smaller the size the higher the premium (amount above melt value). It’s really a simple equation of how many manufacturing steps/processes go into the creation of the item.

For example… if we have 100 ounces of silver and create one 100 ounce bar that would entail one process. If we take the same 100 ounces of silver and make 100 silver bars, that would entail 100 processes which incurs more expense or “Premium” per item, which in turn is passed down the supply chain.